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Is This Thing On? Trent Radio

Here it is, my first post.

I was recently interviewed on Trent Radio’s Speculating Canada by my friend, the wonderful Derek Newman-Stille, an Aurora-winning blogger and radio host. Derek gently chastised me before and after the interview for not having a website – not the first to do so. I’ve finally caved in. Congratulations, Derek. Or, rather, thanks? Yeah, thanks.

The Speculating Canada website is a great online resource for thoughtful, and accessible, discussions of Canadian speculative fiction. It’s been running for a few years and Derek received the 2013 Aurora award for Best Fan Publication. The radio show is an extension of that, where Derek interviews Canadian authors (last week was Craig Davidson and before that was Gemma Files). I’ve been following Derek’s blog almost since its inception, and I tune in regularly for the radio show. Obviously, it was with tremendous pleasure that I accepted the invitation for the interview.

The interview itself runs about an hour. In it we discuss poetry, my editing, aging, disability, the human body, and several other things. I was a little awkward at first, but Derek quickly put me at ease.