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Interviews and Essays on Disabled People Destroy SF



We’re halfway through the Kickstarter for Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction / Uncanny Magazine Year 4  and people are taking notice! We’re up to $33,000, which is fantastic, but we would love to reach $45,000 so we can do the print version.

I’ve written some stuff and done some interviews about the project, but before we get to my things, remember that Uncanny is running one personal essay for Disabled People Destroy SF a day as part of the Kickstarter! Today’s essay is a terrific one by the always insightful Rachel Swirsky, Unlocking the Garrett.

Now, my things. First, a podcast interview! The Skiffy & Fanty Show interviewed Elsa and me about the Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction project and the kickstarter as a whole. Beware, there are dinosaur growls at one point.

Next, I did an interview with Derek Newman-Stille over at Dis(abled) Embodiment. We of course discuss the Destroy project, but this one gets very personal and I go into my personal history with disability.

Finally, I wrote an essay for Black Gate about the strategy behind the Destroy project, focusing on HOW we proceed and why.